Back to The Future Part II (1989)

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4 Responses

  1. BttFan says:

    the time logic of BttF isn’t like Bill & Ted, so Doc couldn’t have done what you proposed with warning about more gas.

    • Dick Ebert says:

      Doc was hit by lightning and sent back to the old west, but the time circuits were damaged, so he then hides the Delorean for Marty in 1955. Then Marty and Doc fix it in 1955, and return back to the 1885.. at this point there are 2 Delorean present, and Docs version has gas.

      • BttFan says:

        that is true, at one point in time there were at least 3 delorans, but disrupting one, like taking parts and/or gas for another could have caused a time paradox.

  2. BttFan says:

    we don’t have to worry about a remake for the trilogy, not until the Bobs are dead. The Bobs have stated in interviews that there’s a clause in their contracts for this film that Universal can’t remake it until both are dead and gone.

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