Bad Boys (1995)


Bad Boys Quote: “It’s just bologna. My bologna has a first name.” – Marcus Burnett

What do you buy your twin for his birthday? A “Shat The Movies” review! What does he buy you? The same. Because, y’know, twins. This week’s commission, coming from listener Adam for his brother Josh, is Michael Bay’s directorial debut and a ’90s action-comedy that confused the hell out of Roger Roeper.

“Bad Boys” is a little too bloody to be a pure comedy. And it’s a little too farcical to be a serious cop drama. Instead, you have a movie that touched off a franchise and propelled Martin Lawrence and Will Smith to movie stardom.

Big D rails at the shoddy police work and asks the Shat Crew whether they’d steal from a crime scene. Gene drools over Will Smith and hails Martin Lawrence as a comedic genius, and Rog rewrites the movie to make it darker, more violent, and more mysterious.

Also in this “Shat The Movies” episode:

  • Michael Bay’s music video background
  • Martin Lawrence’s TV career and meltdown
  • Roger’s whiteness and/or inability to remember names
  • Explosions. So many explosions.

Plot Summary: “Bad Boys” Miami-Dade detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) blow a fuse when $100 million worth of heroin they recently confiscated is heisted from station headquarters. Suspecting it was an inside job, Internal Affairs gives them five days to track down the drugs before they shut down the narcotics division. Action meets farce when Marcus is compelled to masquerade as his partner in order to gain the trust of a call girl (Tea Leoni), a key witness in their investigation.

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