License to Drive (1988)


License to Drive Quote: “You mustn’t fuck with the Department of Motor Vehicle. We can make your life a living hell.” – Miss Hellberg

How much Corey is too much Corey? Between Corey Haim’s mouth breathing and Corey Feldman’s avalanche of bombing jokes, we’d say “License to Drive” answers that question emphatically.

The Shat Crew expected corny ’80s jokes, cheese car stunts, and loads of questionable fashion. But we had no idea “License to Drive” would lead us to tales of severed feet, an Nabokovian hot Heather Graham, and an alternate universe where Gene Lyons laughs at on-screen burps, Roger Roeper mistakenly believe The Fresh Prince’s Uncle Phil died of AIDS, and Dick Ebert wishes death upon young and old alike.

Plot Summary: “License to Drive” Les Anderson (Corey Haim) is about to take his driving test. He has a few things planned, based on the presumption that he will pass. Not least is a date with the girl of his dreams, Mercedes Lane (Heather Graham). Then he fails, and his plans are shattered. He doesn’t tell anyone that he has failed though and goes ahead with the date with Mercedes. Key to his night out is taking his grandfather’s prized 16-year old low-mileage Cadillac, left in the care of his father. The car, and his attempts to keep it unharmed, are the source of many adventures that night. However, his friend, Dean (Corey Feldman), is the number 1 source, egging him on.

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