Robocop (1987)

Robocop 1987 Movie Poster

RoboCop Quote: “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!” – Alex J. Murphy/Robocop

The original Shat The Movies trio is back! Roger Roeper joins Dick Ebert and Gene Lyons to review the dystopian Detroit crime classic “Robocop.” Like most Paul Verhoeven movies, “Robocop” has spoof commercials, gratuitous violence, and co-ed shower scenes. But this 1987 relief carries the distinct honor of being the Dutch director’s most coherent blend of action and satire. And it’s oh-so-quotable.

If you’ve ever wondered what was on the X-rated version, why ED-209 was so violent, or whether Officer Lewis had the hots for Officer Murphy, this is the podcast for you. If you ever wanted to know the connection between Robocop and Abraham Lincoln, this is the podcast for you. And if you donated to build a 10-foot bronze statue of Robocop in Detroit, this most definitely is the podcast for you.

Plot Summary: “RoboCop” In a violent, near-apocalyptic Detroit, evil corporation Omni Consumer Products wins a contract from the city government to privatize the police force. To test their crime-eradicating cyborgs, the company leads street cop Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) into an armed confrontation with crime lord Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) so they can use his body to support their untested RoboCop prototype. But when RoboCop learns of the company’s nefarious plans, he turns on his masters.

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