Backdraft (1991)


Backdraft Quote: “She’s hot and smokey, but she’s not rolling yet!” – Lt. Steven McCaffrey

Backdraft taught us to yell at fires, run into burning buildings, cool off our sexy bods by firehose, and never, ever let our estranged sons help us make breakfast. And who knew you could make millions converting firehouses into community centers? There’s a lot of wisdom in this 1991 Ron Howard cheesefest, but very little of it has to do with fire.

Big D examines when it’s OK to bang your ex-wife. Gene cautions against lit cigarettes at arson investigations, and Roger gives a lesson on commercial real estate economics. Plus we hear from the surprising number of brave Shat The Movies listeners who fight fires for a living.

Plot Summary: “Backdraft” Chicago firefighting brothers Stephen (Kurt Russell) and Brian (William Baldwin) have been rivals since childhood. Brian, struggling to prove himself, transfers to the arson unit. There he aids Don (Robert De Niro) in his investigation into a spate of fires involving oxygen-induced infernos called backdrafts. But when a conspiracy implicating a crooked politician and an arsonist leads Brian back to Stephen, he is forced to overcome his brotherly competitiveness in order to crack the case.

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