Crimson Tide (1995)


Crimson Tide Quote: “We’re here to preserve democracy, not practice it” – Dr. Capt. Ramsey

When an Army veteran and a nurse who knows nothing about the military review a ’90s submarine movie, you know it’s going to be crazy. Throw in Roger Roeper’s tales of babysitting in an alligator costume, and it’s full-on insane.

Listener Rod Phillips paid Shat The Movies good money to cover “Crimson Tide” as a birthday gift to himself. And his choice wound up being one of the funniest podcasts we’ve ever done.

Kerri wonders how missiles work, Big D dabbles in sailorspeak, and Roger examines which is creepier: magicians or clowns. The Shat Crew celebrates the stellar cast of Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman, Viggo Mortensen, James Gandolfini, Steve Zahn, Ryan Phillippe, and … Richy Schroder?

Kerri bemoans low standards in the military and medical fields. Big D steals the show by explaining the horrors of dying in a sinking sub, shaming fat sailors, and demonstrating he’s downright ruthless when it comes to the Trolley Dilemma. And nuke-spooked Roger wishes he were watching “Top Gun.”

Plot Summary: “Crimson Tide” After the Cold War, a breakaway Russian republic with nuclear warheads becomes a possible worldwide threat. U.S. submarine Capt. Frank Ramsey (Gene Hackman) signs on a relatively green but highly recommended Lt. Cmdr. Ron Hunter (Denzel Washington) to the USS Alabama, which may be the only ship able to stop a possible Armageddon. When Ramsay insists that the Alabama must act aggressively, Hunter, fearing they will start rather than stop a disaster, leads a potential mutiny to stop him.

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