Friday The 13th (1980)

Friday the 13th 1980 Movie Poster

Friday The 13th Quote: “I’m a messenger of God. You’re doomed if you stay here!” – Crazy Ralph

“Friday the 13th” changed the world of horror movies when in debuted in 1980, picking up the slasher flick genre where “Halloween” left off. The cast’s biggest star was an unknown Kevin Bacon, and the budget was a measly $550,000. With that, “Friday The 13th” made Camp Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhees, and “Ki ki ki, ma ma ma” household names.

King Bee guest hosts this episode of Shat The Movies as we compare cultural appropriation with cultural celebration, discuss checking dog dicks to address them by the appropriate title, learn how to jump out of moving cars, and weigh the challenges of strip Monopoly.

Find out why Kerri Gross had to delete the Uber app, why good things are good, how King Bee rescued a 2-year-old girl on his 21st birthday, and what really happens when you’re decapitated.

The Shat Crew also examines why one “Friday the 13th” character sleeps all the time, the merits of sex while wearing shoes, and why Wes Anderson should be tapped for the next “Friday the 13th” movie.

Also, Kerri once pulled the wings off a butterfly.

Plot Summary: “Friday The 13th” Crystal Lake’s history of murder doesn’t deter counselors from setting up a summer camp in the woodsy area. Superstitious locals warn against it, but the fresh-faced young people — Jack (Kevin Bacon), Alice (Adrienne King), Bill (Harry Crosby), Marcie (Jeannine Taylor) and Ned (Mark Nelson) — pay little heed to the old-timers. Then they find themselves stalked by a brutal killer. As they’re slashed, shot and stabbed, the counselors struggle to stay alive against a merciless opponent.

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