Planes Trains & Automobiles (1987) Encore Presentation

Planes Trains & Automobiles 1987 Movie Poster

Planes Trains & Automobiles Quote: “Her first baby came out sideways, she didn’t scream or nothin.” – Owen

Thanksgiving is a holiday like no other: We don’t buy presents. We don’t wear costumes. We don’t party all night. We just bring our family and friends together to share a meal and reflect on our blessings.

“Planes Trains & Automobiles” is a rare movie in many ways: It’s a comedy that makes you cry. It’s a John Hughes movie without teen stars. And it’s one of the few movies we can think of that celebrates Thanksgiving, one of the most underappreciated holidays on the calendar.

Steve Martin and John Candy created something special that impacted each of the Shat The Movies crew in a different way. Big D immediately hugged his wife and felt a deeper appreciation for life. Gene reflected on his verbal cruelty and picking apart other’s weaknesses. And Roger gave thanks for modern technology and improved business travel.

We dedicate this podcast to Roger Roeper’s late father, Ronnie, who can’t make it to the table this Thanksgiving. Be thankful for your loved ones this holiday season. Tell them you love them. Cherish your time together.

With love,

Gene, Kerri, Roger, and Big D

Plot Summary: “Planes Trains & Automobiles” Easily excitable Neal Page (Steve Martin) is somewhat of a control freak. Trying to get home to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with his wife (Laila Robins) and kids, his flight is rerouted to a distant city in Kansas because of a freak snowstorm, and his sanity begins to fray. Worse yet, he is forced to bunk up with talkative Del Griffith (John Candy), whom he finds extremely annoying. Together they must overcome the insanity of holiday travel to reach their intended destination.

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  1. Shi Whendi says:

    Laila was a friend of mine in college in Wisconsin. Even crazier, Kato Kaelin was also in our music major sphere.

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