Point Break (1991)

Point Break Quote: “You gonna jump or jerk off?” – Johnny Utah

Sometimes, a laughable idea makes for a fascinating film. Surf gangs that double as bank robbers? Keanu Reeves as a tough-talking undercover FBI agent who also happened to be a football star name Johnny Utah? Gary Busey swimming? But then something magical happens. And it’s called Patrick Swazey.

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4 thoughts on “Point Break (1991)”

  1. Ok i was outta line with the whole get rid of gene thing…but im pretty witty and im pretty fast and this guy is just toying with the podcast 😉 😉

  2. Seriously, you need to either get rid of gene or he needs to understand that he’s wrong, you can’t always be wrong against the crowd and still say to everyone, they’re all wrong, he’s an idiot and he’s driving down the show, he’s a little bitch who moans at crap, the whole matrix thing, he didn’t enjoy it because of some school shooting, the Kevin spacey thing, c’mon! ITS A FILM YA YELLOW BELLY ASS! He is putting unreasonable scores for films and making their overall more crappy, you gave 1 1\2 to major league WTF this mails been a long time coming and I’ve forgotten some of the other crap i had to moan about BUT THERE WAS ALOT, you suck gene! P.s. Big d’s still cool

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