Porky’s (1981)

Porky's 1981 Movie Poster

Porky’s Quote: “This boy is deformed!” – Cherry Forever

Surprise: We kinda liked Porky’s. Also surprise: It’s wasn’t because of boobs (hardly any, actually) or jokes (so many bad ones). The 1981 Canadian-American teen sex comedy actually had some depth to it, dealing with child abuse, misogyny, racism, and possibly the fallout of war. Seriously!

Plot Summary: “Porky’sHigh school friends Pee Wee (Dan Monahan), Tommy (Wyatt Knight), Billy (Mark Herrier) and Mickey (Roger Wilson) want to lose their virginity. But when they’re kicked out of a strip club after the owner, Porky (Chuck Mitchell), takes their money, they plot revenge. While they try to get back at him, they deal with other teen troubles, including Pee Wee’s worries that his “equipment” is shrinking, their sexually opinionated gym teacher (Kim Cattrall) and a spy hole in the girl’s locker room.

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  1. Dennis Unger says:

    Loved this one. I was hoping you would review it soon. I really enjoyed your review, being older than all of you I saw this in my Teens and again in my Twenties and enjoyed the franchise. I just see this one as a snapshot of one the writers perception of the 50’s. My Father was a Teenager during this time and this was pretty much as he described. Minus the destruction of property. A book you might like to read and recommend to all is the Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson, Nudity, underage drinking and explosions at School. I promise you, you will understand that this crap happened more than you could ever imagine.

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