Timecop (1994)


Timecop Quote: “You’re a fucking idiot who never figured out that the only way to make anything of himself with all that fancy kicking was on Broadway.” – Senator Aaron McComb

Laughable wardrobes, finding excuses for Jean Claude Van Damme to kick things, gratuitous Belgian sex, gratuitous Belgian sax, an avalanche of one-liners, massive plot holes and The Splits Over Troubled Waters … it’s Timecop!

Gene gets deep into physics and time travel theory. Kerri eviscerates the previously unknown “Timecop is like Blade Runner” crowd, and Big D perfect YET ANOTHER action star accent.

Plot Summary: “Timecop” When mankind perfects time travel, the government establishes the Time Enforcement Commission to thwart criminal attempts to alter the timeline. Police officer Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is recruited by TEC Cmdr. Matuzak (Bruce McGill), but soon finds his investigation of Senator Aaron McComb (Ron Silver) being thwarted by elements within the government. When Walker’s wife, Melissa (Mia Sara), is attacked, he must travel across time to rescue her and save the future.”

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