Tombstone (1993)

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  1. KSwiss says:

    One of my top 5 favorite movies also and i’m your guys age, but its almost purely because of Vals ‘Doc Holiday’ (admittedly probably the last good role he has played.) But his character has also spurned me to research a great many things I didn’t know about like bustles, Faust, Shakespeare, Bible taunts from Revelations (Pale white horse), latin, seldom used old timey Western slang and I routinely started calling people “fellow sophisticates” derogatorily. The writing for him and his nonchalant delivery was def. my favorite part of this movie. I’ll go back and forth with my buddies quoting his lines to this day and often try and work them in to real life insult situations. Even response lines about seeing double etc…to my own drunken situations i just loved the drunken wit. Just thought you might have touched on some more of them. A couple of Wyatt lines were alright but not like Docs.
    Appreciated all the history and trivia keep it up guys, watched all your movie reviews and got on to you guys with Westworld, looking forward to Taboo.

    among my favorites from Doc.:
    Doc Holliday: Nonsense, I have not yet begun to defile myself.
    Doc Holliday: Very cosmopolitan.
    Johnny Ringo: You retired too?
    Doc Holliday: Not me. I’m in my prime.
    -theres a driect and meaning translation of the Latin back and forth as well on imdb, which are all solid lines to know:

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